"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work”

Peter Drucker

Being successful with your organization requires setting the right goals and proper follow-up, employee engagement and a modern way of working. This createsorganizational focus, alignment of objectives, progress tracking andaccountability. Teams and employees feel empowered, are being challenged, and are aware that they are relevant for the success of the organization. The way of working includes short-cycles, where learning, flexibility and adjustment are key and where the expertise that is available in the organization is effectively used.

I help organizations with the design and improvement of their programs and frameworks around strategy execution and goal realization. This includes:

  • Translation of the mission, vision and strategy into overall objectives for the organization;
  • The identification of the most suitable measures and indicators that capture results and progress;
  • The design of progress tracking and how to include it in work routines;
  • Supporting teams with setting targets and goals and with the adoption of goal realization in their daily work;
  • Review of the existing framework and the identification of improvement opportunities.


Objectives & Key Results (OKR) is a powerful strategy execution and goal realization tool that creates focus and alignment in an organization, and that engages employees. The methodology is easy for employees to understand and to embrace, and fits nicely with a way of working that relies on short-cycles and that involves empowerment of employees and teams. I support organizations in all stages of OKR -adoption:

  • The assessment and decision whether OKR is something that is suitable to adopt;
  • Planning and preparation for the implementation of OKR;
  • Crafting of OKRs;
  • Training and OKR workshops;
  • Supporting teams in working with OKRs;
  • Review and assessment of the current OKR framework in order to identify improvements towards maturity;

More about myself and my approach can be found here.